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How to stop on a longboard?4 different method

You are a novice on longboards, so you don’t know how fast longboards can go. You are using a longboard at high speed. Therefore, your longboard is out of control, and you must suffer from an accident. It will happen when you are unaware how to stop on a longboard.

How to stop on a longboard

There are different methods that you can use to slow down the longboard. Before starting longboard riding, you’ll need a helmet, knee pad, and slide gloves. In this article, I’ll show you step-by-step how to slow down on a longboard in the best way for you.

Let’s begin!

Roll onto the Rough

When riding a longboard on a gravel road, the best thing to do is roll to the rough side. You want to slow down the longboard because you are going faster. You’ll need to find some soft soil and grass on the road corners to apply this technique.

You’ll move your longboard on grass and mud. Getting out of the mud is the safest thing to do. Because mud is soft, this method will keep you from hurting yourself.

Foot Braking Technique(How to stop on a longboard)

Foot-brake on a longboard is the easiest and most beginner-friendly. This method will be applied at both fast and slow speeds. For this method, you have to follow some steps, which you will learn how to brake on a longboard(How to stop on a longboard):

  • First, you’ll put your weight slowly on your front foot. Then, slowly move your weight from front to back. After that, use the friction on your shoes to keep your back foot on the surface.
  • Applying too much pressure at once will result in an accident.
  • When you are applying friction to the shoe, it will slow down your speed. Then you’ll keep the shoe’s center of gravity on the ground.
longboard Foot Braking Technique

Jumping method

If you’re riding a longboard between 15 and 20 mph, jumping is the best way. If you want to hop off, all will slow down the longboard and jump up. If you jump up quickly without slowing down, it will be risky for you

Sliding Method

The sliding method is used when you will go at a higher speed(How to stop on a longboard). Most riders don’t go up to 30mph. But if you’re going to ride on higher/downhill. It is a very dangerous method. It requires a lot of practice. The Coleman sliding technique is best for sliding.

longboard Sliding Method

Carving Method

Carving is the best method for slowing down a longboard on an uphill. Carving is the best technique if you’re going fast enough that you can’t stop with a foot stopper(How to stop on a longboard). You’ll need to practice the carving method.

In this method, you will start leaning from your upper body and pressing into your heels and toes from back to front. You should remember that the road should be broader for applying this method. So, it’s easy to make U-turns and slow down on a longboard. Your main goal is to make the wheel lose traction.

You need to pay attention to 3 things for each method.

  • Balance maintenance.
  • The right place to stop.
  • The right way to lean.


The best thing is to keep your feet wider than your shoulder. If you’re using a short wheelbase, keep the distance between the front and back trucks.

Longboarding is easier than skateboarding. If you want to learn how to longboard, you should practice every day on different roads. Always remember to wear gloves, knee pads, and a helmet.

Most of the time, the weight limit is between 200 and 240 lbs. The weight limit depends on the type of longboard.

You should push with your back leg and keep your front leg flat on the ground. For your front leg, it’s best to have it straight on the deck. You put most of your weight on the middle of your front foot and try to keep it balanced and in the middle.

Wrapping Up

This article should help you learn how to stop on a longboard. The ways I describe in the article depend on the situation. If riding on roads at a normal speed, you should use the foot brake and hopping off method. Before you use the foot brake technique, you need to practice, so you don’t get into an accident.

If you’re longboarding uphill, I’d suggest using the carving method, but only if you’re riding at a moderate speed. If you’re riding on rough terrain, you should use sliding techniques. Sliding methods are a bit risky. So only experts should use this method.

These methods are not easy to learn; you must practice each step repeatedly. So, you will master them. A little bit of a mistake while applying these methods will be risky.

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