How to Choose a Longboard

How to Choose a Longboard: Here Is a Simple Guide

Are you confused about how to choose a longboard? Your decisions about your longboard will be heavily influenced by how you plan to put it to use. You should trust your riding skills and style. Is that how you plan to spend most of your time? Commuting? Taking a long trip? Do you prefer downhill freeriding or speed skating?

How to Choose a Longboard

Are you performing stunts and riding bowls and Dancing? Knowing your motivations, desired terrain, and riding style can help you focus on the form, trucks, and wheels that will serve you well. The type of longboard best for you will depend on your riding preferences.

In addition to your immediate context, your physical appearance, prior knowledge and skill level, and personal preferences all play significant roles.

What to Consider Before Buying How to Choose a Longboard?

Since their introduction in the late ’50s, longboards have seen significant development. They are no longer only a thick, heavy, flat piece of wood with tires affixed to the bottom.

It has become much more challenging to make sense of what is happening, thanks to all the innovations and technologies that have made longboarding much better. This article aims to help you choose the best longboard that will suit your requirements without any effort

Longboard Styles

Longboarding can be done in several different ways(How to Choose a Longboard). Think about your intended uses for a longboard before making a purchase.

Do you want to do tricks, mountain drops, cruise the streets, or do something more advanced? It’s important to consider, “What is my riding style?” At least four distinct riding styles can be distinguished from one another. These 4 are listed below with the material type, board curve, board dimension, and wheel type.

Longboard StyleMaterial TypeBoard CurveBoard DimensionWheels Type
DownhillBirch and MapleStiff35 – 42“Extra grippy wide wheels
FreeridingBamboo, Maple, Birch, and HybridMedium – Stiff38 – 42“Harder wheels aid turning
CruisingBamboo, Birch, HybridSoft32 – 42“Square-lipped wheels for grip
FreestylingBamboo, Birch, Maple HybridSoft – Medium38 – 42”Round-lipped protects from slipping

Longboard Design

It’s crucial to keep your motivation for reading this article all the way through before we go into the specifics of deck construction. This article aims to help you select the ideal deck for your intended riding style by explaining the various considerations that go into its creation.

Longboard Design

There are, unsurprisingly, an infinite variety of deck shapes available. Some forms are more flexible, allowing riders to easily switch between multiple riding techniques(How to Choose Longboard), while others are better suited to only one. Here are major designs that you might consider that fulfill your riding needs.

  • Freeride/Downhill
  • Longboard Cruiser
  • Cruiser Skateboard
  • Boardwalk
  • Transition Shapes
  • Longboard Freestyle

Longboard Deck Shape

The longboard deck shapes have different varieties to suit individual preferences. The foot traction (How to Choose Longboard)your ability to remain on the board and the turning ability are both affected by this design. The thickness of shapes can also change. A deep deck’s improved agility comes at the expense of comfort underfoot.

  • W – Concave
  • Flat
  • Progressive
  • Radial
  • Asymmetric
  • Convex

Mounting on truck

When it comes to a longboard’s overall performance, the link between the deck and the trucks can significantly impact it. The board’s turning and carving characteristics will be drastically altered if the truck is installed differently.

  • Top Mount
  • Deep Through
  • Drop Mount

Longboard Wheel

You might not associate the wheel profile with the ride quality, yet it has a role. The three parameters to consider are the diameter, contact area, and width. Many peoples are wondering about wheel types and also, and they search out which wheel type is best suitable for riding style. So here is the answer to these questions.

Choosing the right Longboard Wheels

Which wheels are ideal for freeriding and sliding?

Have a backset for a nice slide or a center set for flappable wheels, a diameter between 65 and 72 millimeters, a radiused edge, a robust core, and a harder Duro with reasonable pricing.

When cruising and commuting, what wheels are ideal?

An ample diameter and rounded edges provide a wheel that can glide over uneven terrain for miles. Smaller wheels may be the way to choose if you need quick acceleration for zipping around town.

For racing and downhill, what are the best wheels to use?

A premium urethane is best for racing and downhill with a predictable glide, flexy, square lips for grip, a large contact patch, a 70mm to 80mm diameter, and a side set. Downhill wheels are often more expensive because they’re bigger and employ high-end advanced urethane to provide control with maximum grip.

What kind of wheels should you get if you want to do tricks and dances?

Rounded or beveled edges on the relatively small contact patch make slides easy to control, and a low durometer ensures a comfortable ride on most surfaces


It is important to pay attention to how the wheelbase is measured when comparing boards from different brands, as some will measure it from where the trucks attach. For maximum efficiency, the wheelbase should be maintained. Longer wheelbases result in a steadier and straighter ride, while shorter ones allow for greater agility.

Board length

Skateboards and longboards look very similar, so it’s easy to see why many people get them mixed up. Longboards are longer than skateboards, despite their superficial similarities. The average length of a longboard is 33 – 60″ in length and 7 – 10″ in width. These are the standard measurements for longboards. Mid-length longboards, which range in size from 37 – 50 inches, are another type of board available on the market.

How to Choose a Longboard (Longboard Size Chart)

a. Chart as per Surfer Category

Board LengthLarge Adults / Heavier AdultsWomen / Lighter AdultsSmaller Teenagers / Children
Cruiser Skateboard29.5-33″29.5-33″25-29.5″
Transition / Bowl Skating31-33″31-32″30-32″
Longboard Cruiser40-60″36-44″33-36″
Longboard Freestyle40-60″40-60″40-60″
Board walking40-60″40-60″40-60″

b. Chart as per Surfer Weight

Surfer’s WeightBeginnerIntermediate
Less than 55 kg6’8″ – 7’2″6’8″ – 7’0″
55 – 65 kg7’2″ – 7’6″6’10” – 7’2″
65 – 75 kg8’0″ – 8’6″7’0″ – 7’6″
75 – 85 kg8’6″ – 9’2″7’6″ – 8’0″
85 – 95 kg9’2″ – 9’6″8’0″ – 8’6″
More than 95 kg9’6″ +8’6″ – 9’2″

What Kind of Longboard Should I Get?

The cruiser longboard is the best option for novices. A beginner cruiser board should be at least 30 inches long and 8.5 inches wide. You won’t have to worry much about losing your balance if the deck is long and wide. To quickly navigate cracks and bumps, the wheels must be large and soft (60 mm – 80 mm/ 77a – 83a).

How Much Do Longboards Cost?

Prices for longboards can be found between $200 and $400. However, if this is your first time on a longboard, you should go for one that costs between $200 and $250.

Longboards Cost

Someone who would ask such a thing is probably just getting into longboarding and wanting to buy their first board. You will likely be quite disappointed if you spend less than $40 on a longboard. If you buy a low-quality longboard, you may not feel motivated to ride it very often.

What will be the Average Length of a Longboard?

The typical length of a longboard is significantly greater than that of a skateboard. Longboards range from 33 to 60 inches in length and 9 to 10 inches in width, whereas skateboards are shorter (28 to 32 inches) and narrower (7 to 10 inches).


Experts in the sport of longboarding know the importance of paying attention to every nuance when selecting a board and should thus go for professional models. Without prior knowledge(How to Choose a Longboard) or expertise, a newbie may spend a significant amount of time worrying about the question, “How to choose a longboard?” Consequently, finding the ideal longboard size might be challenging. However, putting your trust in the guidance of an expert can be quite helpful and can ease anxiety in the long run.

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