How Much Weight Can A Longboard Hold

How Much Weight Can A Longboard Hold?

Longboarding is a thrilling activity that people of all ages and sizes enjoy. It’s a great way to get outside, exercise, and have fun with friends. But, if you’re a heavy build person, you may wonder how much weight can a longboard hold.
Generally, most longboards can hold riders up to 220-250 pounds. The weight limit of a longboard can vary depending on a few factors, including the size and material of the board. However, if you’re a big guy, you may need to look for a longboard with a higher weight limit.

How Much Weight Can A Longboard Hold

In this article, I have explained everything you need to know about the longboard weight limit of longboards and the best longboards for big guys.

Let’s get into it for further details.

Longboard Weight Limit: How Much Weight Can A Longboard Hold

As I mentioned above, most longboards can hold riders up to 220-250 pounds and a few up to 300 pounds but mostly up to 250 pounds.

Before buying a longboard, it’s essential to check the manufacturer’s specifications to see the weight limit. Exceeding the weight limit of a longboard can result in safety issues, such as injuries due to board breaking or losing stability. Additionally, it can be uncomfortable for the rider, as the board may not support their weight correctly. The following are the factors that are responsible for the Strength of a longboard.

Longboards for 300 lbs

If you weigh 300 pounds or more, you may need to look for a longboard with a higher weight limit. Fortunately, several longboards on the market are designed to accommodate larger riders.

One option is the Quest Super Cruiser Longboard. This board has a weight limit of 350 pounds and features a sturdy bamboo and maple deck. It also has large wheels and trucks, which provide stability and support for heavier riders.

Another option is the Atom Drop Through Longboard. This board has a weight limit of 250 pounds but can be upgraded with heavier trucks and bearings to support riders up to 300 pounds. It also features a low center of gravity, which makes it easier to balance and control.

Longboards for Big Guys

If you’re a big guy, meaning you’re tall or have a larger build, you may need to look for a larger longboard. For heavier riders, a longer, wider board offers additional support and stability.

One option is the Loaded Dervish Sama Longboard. This board is 42 inches long and 9 inches wide, providing ample space for larger riders. It also features a flexy bamboo and fiberglass deck, which provides shock absorption and a comfortable ride.

Longboards for Big Guys

Another option is the Sector 9 Meridian Longboard. This board is 40 inches long and 9.75 inches wide, making it a great option for bigger guys. It also features a drop-through design, which lowers the center of gravity and provides added stability.

Longboard Size for Height and Weight

When choosing a longboard, it’s important to consider not only your weight but also your height. A board that is too short or narrow may need to provide more support for taller or heavier riders.

If you’re over 6 feet tall, consider a longboard that is at least 42 inches long. This will provide enough space for your feet and give you enough stability and control.

Additionally, if you have a larger build, look for a board at least 9 inches wide. This will give you more space to balance and distribute your weight. You can follow this table for a better understanding;

Weight PoundsWeight KGFlexyMediumStiff
50-10022.5 – 4565a78a81a
75-12534 – 5680a83a85a
100-14545 – 6685a87a88a
125-17556 – 7987a89a91a
145-19566 – 88.588a93a94a
157-220+79 – 100+91a93a97a+

Longboards for Heavy Riders

If you’re a heavy rider, meaning you weigh more than 220 pounds, choosing a longboard with a higher weight limit is important. Consider a board that has a wider and longer deck, as well as larger wheels and trucks.

One option is the Atom Drop Deck Longboard. This board has a weight limit of 250 pounds and a low center of gravity, providing added stability and control. It also has large wheels and trucks, which can support heavier riders.

The Santa Cruz Lion God Rasta Drop Through Longboard is an additional choice. This board’s bigger deck and 300-pound weight restriction provide heavier riders more stability. It also has large wheels and trucks, which can handle the weight of a heavier rider.

It’s important to take your intended riding style into account while selecting a longboard for heavy riders. If you are doing more cruising and carving, choose a longer and more flexible board. If you are doing more downhill riding, choose a stiffer board with larger wheels and trucks for added stability.

Following the weight chart can help you get a better understanding;

StyleYour HeightLongboard Size
CruisingMore than 5′ 10″More than 40 inches
DownhillMore than 5′ 10″More than 42 inches
FreestyleMore than 5′ 10″Between 38 and 42 inches

Top 5 Longboards for Heavy Riders

Below are the 5 options suggested by Reddit and some famous longboarding forums and a few cruisers I’ve personally tested for the hefty or tall rider seeking that best suits their needs. Cruisers are great for short commutes, while longboards are best for long-distance riding.

Landyachtz Tugboat Captain

The Landyachtz Tugboat Captain is a strong and quick board that stands somewhere in between a longboard and a skateboard. It offers a smooth ride and can manage high weights effectively. The deck has a deep dip, a wide kicktail, a tiny curved nose, and a huge surface area.

The grip tape is very sticky, which helps with aggressive turns and rough surfaces. The board is great for digging in when encountering pebbles and cracks. The Fatty Hawgs wheels perform well on this klsetup, but the Spaceball bearings might want to be swapped for Zealous bearings for better performance.

Bustin Sportster Elements

On multiple forums, the Bustin Sportster Elements is frequently suggested for heavy riders. It features the recognizable “Response Drop” design, which is useful for speed weaving in congested metropolitan environments. Due to its (E) Core inside, it is best suited for heavy riders.

The deck is constructed from Canadian Maple hardwood and polymer composite glues. It features a Laminated Maple top sheet, seven composite layers of reinforcement, and fiberglass at the bottom for truck mount strength. The board’s 35.5-inch length and 10-inch width make it appropriate for riders with larger shoe sizes. The fork nose is reinforced, and the wheelbase is only a hair over 29 inches.

Sector 9 Meridian

The Sector 9 Meridian is a versatile longboard that suits all skill levels. With an eight-ply maple deck and a drop-through mounted style that keeps it low to the ground and easy for the rider to push, it provides balance at high speeds.

The fantastic 10.0-inch Roadster charger trucks have quite an old-school taco design that aids in turning. The bearings have ABEC 5 ratings and come with a 25-year warranty. The board is the ideal longboard for heavy riders that weigh around 230 pounds because of its forty-inch length, nearly ten-inch width, and slightly over thirty-inch wheelbase.

Arbor DropCruiser Flagship

The Arbor DropCruiser Flagship is a premium longboard for overweight and taller riders. It has an excellent standing platform with a Palisander wood top and bottom-finish ply that provides balance and harmony. The board’s smooth, grippy wheels are good for carving and cruising, and the nine-ply hard rock deck made of Canadian maple is ideal for larger riders. The board comes with 180 mm trucks.

Omen Barbarian

The Omen Barbarian is the ideal longboard for riding downhill or on flat ground. The decks are symmetrical, which ensures stability and balance for taller riders, and it is very competitive at a reasonable price. The board’s nine-ply maple deck and carbon fiber construction make it perfect for larger riders. Taller riders have an added incentive thanks to Paris 50 reverse kingpin trucks. The Carbon Fiberboard costs $139.99, and you must pick the other parts yourself.

Final Verdict

The weight limit of a longboard can vary depending on the size and material of the board. Generally speaking, most longboards can hold riders up to 220 pounds. However, if you’re heavier, you may need to look for a longboard with a higher weight limit.

Several longboards on the market are designed to accommodate larger and heavier riders. It’s important to take into account your weight, height, and style of riding when selecting a longboard. You can enjoy a safe and comfortable ride while longboarding by choosing the right longboard for your size and needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

A longboard resembles a skateboard, except it is longer, slower, and not really designed for tricks. Most of the greatest longboards for larger and taller riders have a weight capacity of up to 300 pounds.

A longer longboard does not necessarily mean it can hold more weight. The weight capacity of a longboard depends on its construction, materials, and intended use. However, longer longboards tend to be more stable and provide a better platform for riders, making them ideal for heavier riders.

Yes, the weight of the rider can affect the performance of a longboard. Heavier riders may find it challenging to control a longboard, particularly during turns and maneuvers. Additionally, the weight of the rider can affect the speed and acceleration of the longboard.

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