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Best Dancing Longboards

In recent years,Dancing Longboards has gained a lot of attention as a fascinating discipline. Along with freestyle riding, cruising, and downhill longboarding, longboard dancing is highly appreciated.

Stepping tricks are best done by dedicated dancer boards, while carving is best accomplished by the right setup. The majority of boards are good for dancing, but the dedicated dancing boards give you more room and freedom.

longboard dancing is highly appreciated.
Dancing Longboards

It takes patience and skills to learn to ride a longboard, but it produces a beautiful riding style combining agility, balance, coordination, and grace.
Longboard dancers walk or board, do cross steps, spin their bodies in elegant and stylish movements, and even dance on flat surfaces, all while keeping the board rolling and carving.

Read on to learn more about Longboards Dancing.

Why Are Dancing Longboards So Famous?

Many newcomers are interested in learning longboard dancers’ beautiful and artistic style. A new rider can easily learn Dancing Longboards .

No matter if you want to become a longboard dancing girl for a competition or if it is just your passion to learn, there is not as much extreme riding as downhill or freeride, but it is a natural evolution from cruising.

In fact, learning this style is fun and mellow. Later on, this will prepare you for a more radical approach.

Dancing Longboards Gear

There are many longboarding disciplines where you can learn to dance on any kind of board. However, there are a growing number of boards made specifically for dancing.

The following are the most considerable gears for a dancing longboard:

  • Dancing deck – Shape & size
  • Trucks and wheels
  • Dancing Longboards decks – Shape & size

Dancing Longboards often feature a cutaway form with kick tails on both ends that is symmetrical. You’ll need the cutaways to provide wheel clearance for heavy carving and weight shifting.
In addition to manuals and ghost rides, the kick tails will allow you to shove it and more with a simple kick.

Dancing Longboard Gear-Shape & Size
Dancing Longboard

Top-mounted dancer boards offer more control, control, and responsiveness than pure freestyle longboards.
Furthermore, top mount decks are stronger and more resistant to continuous stomping and jumping.

Compared to other forms, like freestyle, dancing decks are bigger, often measuring 42 to 48 inches long and up to 12 inches broad. You’ll need room to maneuver while moving your longboard, which is the purpose behind this.

As we know, longboard dancing is the most visual and flow boarding style. As you carve on the board, you balance tricks and cross-step fluidly.

A good longboard truck is essential for performing longboard dancing.

What Is The Right Longboard Truck For Dancing?

The board width and length of longboards used for dancing must be much wider and longer than those used for other activities. The trucks must also be wider for great stability and to allow the deck to fit simply.

The truck’s width should be around 180mm for dancing boards. Eight-hole mounting systems are considered the most user-friendly. The hole pattern of your board doesn’t matter if you have the right measurements.

What Are The Famous Dancing Longboard Types?

Although a common man can’t differentiate between different kinds of longboards based on their shape and usage, the experts have categorized them accordingly for our convenience.

Let me briefly describe a few of the most common categories.

Freestyle Dance Longboard

There are many different riding styles associated with longboard freestyle, and at times the distinction is blurry between them.

Freestyle longboarding combines skating and flipping tricks on the streets, technical sliding, skating on skate parks and bowls, and longboarding dancing.

Even though they all require jumping, flipping, kicking, and sliding the board, they are very different styles.

Freestyle Bhangra Dance Longboard

Dancing is sometimes seen as a subcategory of freestyle longboarding since it occasionally contains kick flips and hops. Dancing, however, involves cross-stepping and turning elegantly on your board with stylish carving.

So what is the best longboard for freestyle?

Actually, your style of freestyle dancing will determine this. A freestyle dance longboard is typically a large street skateboard fitted with bigger wheels for smoother riding, like an oversize street skateboard for hardcore street maneuvers.

Drop-through longboards are ideal for classic, flow, and slide freestyle.

Loaded Dancer Longboard

The majority of riders believe that Landyachtz is one of the world’s top longboard manufacturers. With origins in extreme longboard competition, they’ve always been on a quest to produce high-end boards that are wonderful to ride and incredibly durable.

Along with exceptional decks of various sizes and configurations, Landyachtz also creates and manufactures their own renowned trucks under the Bear Trucks brand, as well as the well-known Hawgs wheels. As a result, LY’s whole setups have excellent end-to-end quality.

So, I strongly recommend you to look at the Landyachtz dancing longboard if you are looking for a loaded dancer longboard.

Dancing Longboard Tricks

Longboard dancing is entertaining as well as expressive. Having a smooth motion and combining different steps as smoothly as possible is important. Longboard “tricks” are called “steps” since you perform these tricks by stepping on the board.

Considering the different levels of expertise, there are also different types of Dancing longboard tricks.

Personally, I advise selecting the category that best matches your criteria.

I Sorted these techniques into the following three groups:

  • Beginner level tricks
  • Intermediate level tricks
  • Expert level

Beginner Level Tricks

Can anyone perform these longboard tricks? Well, what you can do depends on your skill level. These are the first longboard tricks you need to learn if you want to know how to freestyle, and they will provide the foundation for further flow.

I really like the fact that you can do all these tricks on any board.

  • Front side Body Varial
  • Backside Body Varial
  • Tail Manual
  • Nose Manual
  • Front side Pivot
  • Backside Pivot
  • Hippie Jump
  • Early Grab
  • Apple Sauce
  • Look Back
  • Nollie Front side Shove-It
  • Nollie Backside Shove-It
  • Front side Boneless 180
  • Ghostride Kick flip
  • Front side No-Comply 180
  • No-Comply Pirouette
  • Front side Tiger Claw
  • Backside Tiger Claw w/ Natalie Pluto
  • No-Comply Pop Shuvit
  • Road Runner

Intermediate Longboard Tricks

For individuals with greater expertise, this list of intermediate longboarding tricks is recommended. Many of these tricks will only be possible (or, at the very least, much simpler) on a board made specifically for longboard tricks and freestyle. Both the Eclipse and the Moonshine Elixir are excellent boards for this.

Intermediate Longboard Tricks
  • G-Turn
  • Front side Pirouette
  • Fakie No-Comply Big Spin
  • Old-School Kick flip w/ Nick Jones
  • Pop Shuvit
  • Front side No-Comply Finger flip
  • Half Moon
  • Backside No-Comply Shuvit Slide
  • 540 Front side Pivot
  • Nollie Front side Big Spin
  • Spin Big
  • Aero Grab
  • Aero Slam
  • Kick flip
  • Front side No-Comply 180 to Pivot
  • Front side Ollie 180 to Pivot
  • Ollie
  • Double Rainbow w/ Achel Machin
  • Front side Ollie 180

Advanced Longboard Tricks

Only skilled longboarders should attempt these stunts as they are among the hardest to do. You run the danger of hurting yourself or your board and making little progress if you dive into these too quickly.

Many of these stunts are mash-ups of various longboard freestyle tricks. A longboard kick flip and a pop shuvit, for instance, are combined to create the Varial Kick flip.

However, before combining these techniques, it’s imperative to master them individually.

  • No-Comply Wheel Flip
  • Full Cab
  • Fakie No-Comply Bigger Spin
  • Circus Flip
  • Kick flip Body Varial
  • Varial Kick flip
  • Double Kick flip
  • Big Flip
  • Handstand

There are many more, but the above-mentioned are the most prominently observed ones.

Final words

If you’re looking for a unique way to have fun and exercise, longboarding may be the perfect activity for you. Dancing boards are specially designed to make this type of riding more fun and enjoyable, so be sure to consider one if you’re interested in trying it out.

However, you should have a dancing longboard complete and safe according to our recommendations.

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