Best Longboard Brands of 2023

Getting the best longboard needs you to understand numerous factors. Once you get it, you can ensure yourselves in the situation; it’ll turn out to be the worse part.

Are you thinking of getting advanced in cruising and want to find a pro longboard? You reached the right spot.

Longboarding has become advanced in the modern era and turned out to be the first choice for every age cruisers. Longboards have various designs, shapes, and features to provide a thrilling experience.

Best Longboard

To taste the extra smooth rides and the floating experience around your campus, you need to understand and find the best longboard for you.

However, it’s like taking a bite of cake to find a suitable longboard for experienced persons but dizzy for beginners. Our team has researched and tested many professional longboards to make your search easy.

Best Longboard: 7 Picks for Smooth Cruising

Magneto 40+ inch (longboard for adults)

If you are in skateboarding for a while, Magneto needs no introduction to you. The Best Longboard originates in Southern California and is designed by the skaters.

As a result, the design fulfills the accuracy of original materials and native surf culture. Magneto doesn’t put unnecessary designs or things; they let it glow with an all-natural look.

Magneto 40-inch longboard has versatile abilities, and you can enjoy skating in the park and cruise sideways. Thanks to its concave deck and kick tail end, you can also perform multiple tricks on the longboard.

According to our experience, a pointed nose allows you to maintain the cruising speed and a kick tail allows you to gain higher control.

The wheels are supportive with the board to deal with multiple skating styles. Magneto implanted 78A soft polyurethane on the 70mm wheels, providing extra grip and smooth rides.

In addition to it, other materials are of supreme quality. The deck is made with maple and has bamboo topping.


  • Gravity cast aluminum trucks provide longer durability and enhanced strength
  • SHR cushioning provides an advanced cruising experience
  • Sand grit finish helps to maintain the strong grip without hassling the grip tape
  • All natural bamboo top maintains the natural aesthetics
  • Pin tail design makes it the best longboard for tricks that offers lots of possibilities


  • Not as an extra fancy look
Key Features:
  • Product Series: Magneto
  • Color: Natural bamboo with black wheels
  • Best for Cruising, Carving, Dancing & much more
  • Deck: Maple & Bamboo
  • Deck length: 44”
  • Deck Width: 9
  • Load Capacity: 275lb
  • Age Range: Bigger kids to Adults

Magneto 44 inches longboard possesses all the abilities you need to practice on a Best Longboard.

Due to its advanced abilities and size, our team declares it the best longboard for adults. Its maple & bamboo deck provides the right flexibility, and strong trucks and soft wheels nicely absorb the shocks for smoother rides.

Retrospec Zed Longboard Skateboard (beginners longboard)

Retrospec is another cool longboard our team selected for the top list with its enhanced cruising, skating, commuting, downhill riding, and carving features.

Having 44 inches long and just 9 pounds adds an amazing ability of enhanced control. Additionally, the 10 inches wide deck makes it easy for beginners to control it with higher stability.

Zed series have inspired by 1950s traditional makeshift backyard longboards designed as surfboards.

Retrospect uses Canadian 8-ply maple wood for the base, and the bamboo top provides extended durability. The complete deck not only provides the best longboard shape but the due strength and flexibility.

Longboard Skateboard

Our team acknowledged Zed longboard’s trucks and the wheels mechanism among the best. Anti-bite technology prevents the wheels from biting and provides a smooth ride.

In addition, to provide a smooth ride and enhanced grip, the 85A durometer hardness on 70mm wheels is provided. Moreover, the ABEC 7-grade ball bearings allow you to cruise at a higher speed with advanced accuracy.


  • Reverse kingpin trucks provide reactive and smooth gliding
  • 85A polyurethane wheels ensure the smooth and grippier ride
  • Extra wide deck of 10” provides higher stability and balancing option
  • 80AB grip tape allows you to stay grounded with higher stickiness


  • The deck is a bit harder means low flexibility
Key Features:
  • Product Series: Retrospec
  • Color: 12 available
  • Best for: downhill racing, carving, cruising, commuting, etc
  • Deck: 8-Ply Maple & Bamboo
  • Deck length: 44”
  • Deck Width: 10”
  • Load Capacity: 220lb
  • Durometer Hardness: 85A

Retrospect Zed offers 12 styles of longboards with higher durability, stability, and reliability. The traditional 1950s surfboards inspire the classic longboard design.

The wheels and trucks mechanism supports the argument because of the 85A durometer score on 70mm wheels with a reverse pin trucks system.

Junli 41 Inch Freeride Longboard

Junli 41 inches is among the Freeride good longboards that offer freestyle skating and cruising for your passion.

The long-distance longboard design allows you to gain a higher accuracy in carving. It is possible because the edge style reduces the weight to just 7.7 pounds, which makes it easy to gain higher control.

Despite having low weight, the weight capacity for the longboard is quite interesting, with an upper limit of 330 pounds.

It is possible with the cold press 8-ply original maple and 9.5 inches in width. Moreover, the high-quality waterproof grip provides higher friction. The brushed black surface saves your feet from slipping.

The trucks and wheel mechanism are also strong with a 7 inches high responsive aluminum alloy truck. The ultra-high PU support pad for higher stability and control strengthens your journey.

Additionally, the 80APU wheels on 70mm are supported by the ABEC-11 high-speed bearings. Mentioned abilities make the longboard a reliable option


  • 7-inch aluminum alloy trucks provide higher stability in maneuvering
  • Bottom printing with the waterproofing ability provides an aesthetic look and durability
  • 8-ply flex maple makes it highly strong and flexible; as a result, you can put 330 lbs on the deck
  • A combination of ABEC-11 and 80A, 70mm PU wheels are best for carving


  • No kicktail
Key Features:
  • Product Series: Junli
  • Color: 12 available
  • Best for: Freestyle Skating, carving, downhill racing, etc.
  • Deck: Maple & Aluminum
  • Deck length: 41”
  • Deck Width: 10.2”
  • Load Capacity: 330lb
  • Durometer Hardness: 80A

Junli 41 inches is a long-distance longboard that makes your downhill racing speedier and more joyful. Its wide deck, grippier longboard top, and highly responsive aluminum alloy trucks provide extended control over carving and cruising.

We recommend the longboard to those who want to experience true thrilling downhill racing and the best carving experience.

Seething 42 Inch Longboard

Seething chose the cruising design for their 42-inch Best Longboard that makes sense for a true cruising thrill, freestyle skating, and downhill racing. The Company used 9-layered high-quality Canadian maple to provide extra stability.

According to our experience, the deck material makes it lightweight. However, the weighting capacity becomes enhanced up to 330lb.

In addition to the deck, 7-inch alloy trucks (Featuring genuine aluminum) provide you a more stable and comfortable ride in skateboarding.

Moreover, reverse kingpin trucks, precision ABEC-11 bearings, and polyurethane cast 95-A bushings provide smooth and reactive glide. It enhances the freestyle skating and trick-performing experience more liable.

The seething 42 inches basic longboard ensures a quality experience for surfers. Especially the 42 inches long and the width of 10 inches, which is enough to control and gain higher stability even for beginners.

Additionally, its symmetrical twin tip drop-through design allows beginners to perform freestyle tricks.


  • 9-layer Canadian maple isn’t only strong enough to hold 330lb but is lightweight enough to perform multiple tricks.
  • 7-inch trucks provide a more comfortable and smooth riding experience
  • Precision ABEC-11 bearings produce higher speed in downhill racing
  • 6.8lb weight is amongst the lightweight longboards
  • 13 colors allow you to choose a versatile design for your collection


  • Can become extreme speedy in downhill racing
Key Features:
  • Product Series: Seething
  • Color: 13 available
  • Best for: Cruising, skating, downhill racing, etc.
  • Deck: Maple
  • Deck length: 42”
  • Deck Width: 10”
  • Load Capacity: 330lb
  • Durometer Hardness: 95A

Whether you choose the board walking longboard or the cruising longboard, you must understand that the design must meet your riding style.

Regarding versatility, we recommend seething 42 inches longboard for freestyle riding. Its cruising design, reverse pin aluminum alloy trucks, bearings, and bushings make it a complete choice for a versatile skater of any age.

White Wave Board walking Longboard

The white Wave series has numerous nice longboards that provide a great base for new and experienced skateboard riders. The Company offers almost all kinds of longboards on their list to provide the skaters with their desired board. Our team took their board walking longboard style for the list because of its numerous features.


The longboard’s deck base has a Canadian maple base with a multilayered bamboo topping. The combination enhances the durability and the quality of the deck.

Additionally, the 36 inches length and the 9 inches width provide higher stability and control to beginners.

Moreover, the medium concave structure helps skaters to experience the highly responsive carving.

The bandit design ensures the longboard and the regular skateboard vibes in one unit. The structure allows users to enjoy carving, freestyle riding, cruising, commuting, dancing, etc.

The hooligan wheels with the ultra-high rebound urethane allow you to gain a higher but smooth speed. There are hellion bearings installed in the back of wheels for high performance.


  • ABEC-9 Hellion bearings provide a smooth and durable rides.
  • Medium flex makes it a great vehicle for freestyle riding and performing tricks
  • Medium Concave design makes it suitable for high responsive carving
  • High-quality aluminum trucks reduce the weight of longboard


  • The length is a bit short

Key Features:
  • Product Series: White Wave
  • Color: Natural Bamboo
  • Best for carving, dancing, Freeride and freestyle riding, etc.
  • Deck: Maple & Bamboo
  • Deck length: 36”
  • Deck Width: 9”
  • Durometer Hardness: 78A Hooligan Wheels
  • Truck Measurement: 7-inch

When mastering the carving and the speedy turn skating, you can’t ignore the White Wave bamboo longboard.

We recommend the longboard to those who want to enhance their carving and Freeride skills at a higher speed. Additionally, the size and the tricks performing abilities make it the best longboard for kids and mediocre skateboard riders

VOLADOR 42inch Freeride Longboard

Next on our list is an aesthetically carved Volador 42-inch free riding longboard. Our team found many reasons for this inclusion, like its versatility in riding styles and durability. It is a low longboard designed to provide equal utility for adults and the young.

Volador uses the 8-ply Hard rock maple to construct the longboard’s deck, which offers mid-range flexibility and a generous platform.

The trucks feature A356 aluminum alloy, which is used in the aerospace industry. You can imagine the strength and durability of the trucks.

With the support of such strong trucks, the 70mm wheels with 78A PU durometer rating and the ABEC-9 bearings combines to provide the best accuracy and control.

The wheel mechanism is enough to deal with higher shocks and the maximum traction for advanced commuting abilities. Not only the performance, but Volador maintains higher aesthetic standards.

Like the artwork, which the Company assures from multiple regions of the world. The longboard is a great vehicle for beginners with its easy-to-control and comfortable rides.


  • A price tag of under $60 puts it among the cheap longboards for sale and makes it an affordable vehicle
  • A356 aluminum alloy trucks make it one of the strong longboards
  • 7” reverse kingpin truck mechanism allows you to gain different angles for different riding styles
  • Artwork from Russia, Europe, and Asia makes it an aesthetic longboard


  • I would be reluctant to downhill racing on the longboard
Key Features:
  • Product Series: Volador
  • Color: 6 available (different prices)
  • Best for carving, commuting, cruising and freeriding, etc.
  • Deck: Maple
  • Deck length: 42”
  • Durometer Hardness: 78A
  • Truck Measurement: 7-inch adjustable reverse truck
  • Speed Precision Bearing

Volador 42 inches Freeride lush longboard that maintains the higher aesthetics. Its advanced performance is equally good for beginners and experienced folks.

Its carbon steel hardware and the A356 aluminum alloy trucks are enough to deal with any terrain. We recommend the longboard to those who prefer durability and reliability at a reasonable price.

Splendor Longboard Skateboard 42 inch

If you are a fancy folk and like the stuff on your longboard, then we recommend the Slendor longboard 42 inches. The Slendor maintains excellent aesthetics by providing fancy designs to their valuable customers.

With the nine unique and fancy designs, you can make your long longboards to reflect your personality.

The good thing about the Splendor is that the longboards are designed regardless of the age limit.

It means people of any age, any gender, can access the longboards and enjoy their cruising experience with style. Forty-two inches long deck with a 9″ width, the drop-through camber deck offers advanced flexibility to gain the maximum boost in performing the tricks.

Longboard Skateboard 42 inch

The cold press 9-ply Hardrock maple wood is jointed with the strong glue for a strong combination. The 70mm wheels with 85A PU durometer hardness and the ABEC-11 bearings provide higher stability. Moreover, the wide turning radios offer more reliability and reduce the chance of injury from an uneven place.


  • A slight kicktail and a bit concave structure make it a versatile longboard
  • Aesthetically designed with reliable parts of a longboard makes it a beautiful but effective longboard
  • PU shock absorb ring provides extra cushioning and provides a comfortable experience
  • 9-ply cold press maple wood deck with the laminated deck makes it an eye catchy longboard


  • Not good for sharp turning
Key Features:
  • Product Series: Splendor
  • Color: 9 available
  • Best for: Cruising, free riding, downhill racing, etc.
  • Deck: Maple
  • Deck length: 42”
  • Durometer Hardness: 85A
  • Truck Measurement: 7-inch 180 genuine aluminum
  • Load Capacity: 220lb
  • High-density waterproof grip

Splendor longboard 42″is an excellent addition to our list with its smooth, speedy ride features. Its high-density waterproof grip and aesthetic designs make it a complete choice for beginners and experienced people.

We recommend the longboard to those who want to experience the true cruising experience with an aesthetic design.

Buying Guide

Whether you are finding the best longboard, you must understand some factors before buying the right choice for you. If you are experienced in longboarding, you may find suitable options.

However, being a beginner is a hard task to reach out to the best among them. Additionally, you must understand several features that involve in a longboard purchase.

You may find different types of longboards in the market and enjoy your desired results. However, understanding the numerous factors can make a difference in your purchase. The longboards may vary based on the trucks, deck, wheels, and other similar mechanisms.

We recommend you understand longboard beginner tips before getting a suitable one.


Decks are among the most important thing in a longboard because without the deck; you couldn’t stand a chance to ride. Before getting the suitable one, you must consider the deck shape.

It is necessary to choose the right shape as there are kicktail, pintail, and drop-through. There comes a kicktail, which allows users to practice tricks.

Similarly, pintails and drop-through are designed for downhill and cruising. The Deck styles have numerous options to offer, like long longboards, top mount and the drop through, etc.

You can choose the right one by analyzing the pros and cons of each longboard and reading the longboard reviews.


We take it as the serviceable size of the Best Longboard deck, and even longboards come in different styles. You can expect a 35″ to 40″ range for the longboards.

However, you can choose the right size by measuring your height. Taller persons can ride on the bigger boards. But you can check at least 8 plies for the new room.


Wheels are another important tool to consider while choosing cool design Best Longboard. Their size and other factors play a very bigger role in determining the performance.

You can ensure the polyurethane wheels have at least 70mm size. To check the softness, you should check the durometer reading. You should check the durometer rating at least 78A for smoother rides.

Frequently Asked Questions

Best longboards come at different price levels based on their features and brand. However, you can expect a range of $50 to $100 for a normal range longboard starter.

No, we don’t recommend every longboard to fulfill the downhill racing ability. It is because every type of longboard has different applications. You can select the cruiser or board walking for speed and accelerated speed.

Final Verdict

Getting the best longboard is not easy for every beginner longboard rider. There are other factors besides those mentioned to look at in a longboard purchase,, but we stick with them. Here are our straight picks if you are a beginner and want to pick the straight options.

  • Magneto 40+ inch (longboard for adults)
  • White Wave Boardwalking Longboard
  • Splendor Longboard Skateboard 42 inch

All of them are great options, but I would recommend the Magneto 40+ for those who want to buy the longboard for adults.

Similarly, White wave board walking longboards are the vehicles for more cruises. Moreover, the Splendor longboard 42 inches is enough to deal with the high carving, commuting, etc.

You can read the other longboard reviews to find the most suitable option. Good luck!

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