Are egg surfboards good for beginners

Are Egg Surfboards Good For Beginners? (Reasons And Limitations)

So, you’re ready to dive headfirst into the thrilling surfing world. That’s awesome! But here’s the thing: choosing the right surfboard can feel as daunting as paddling out into a massive set of waves for the first time. You’re probably wondering, “Are egg surfboards good for beginners?”

Yes, egg surfboards are good for beginners. Their wider shape and added volume provide stability, easier wave-catching, and a forgiving ride, making them ideal for building confidence and developing foundational surfing skills.

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What Is An Egg Surfboard?

An egg surfboard is basically a type of surfboard that looks exactly like an egg that is cut into two parts. The best thing about this type of surfboard is that it’s neither short nor long. Thus, it provides you with the fun of both longboards and shortboards.

What Is An Egg Surfboard

The egg shape surfboard is the best option for those just starting with surfing because it’s the best at catching small waves. So as a beginner, you can consider buying an egg surfboard.

Egg surfboard is easy to use as it has a rounder front, a wider middle, and a slightly narrower back.

What Egg Surfboards Are Famous For?

Egg surfboards are known for being the easiest-to-use boards in surfing. Because of their ability to catch small waves of good and beautiful size, they’re the perfect choice for those just starting.

Egg surfboards are also famous for their amazing stability and forgiveness, which make it easier for non-experienced surfers to ride safely and without worrying.

Are Egg Surfboards Good For Beginners?

Yes, egg surfboards are the best for beginners. Why? Now, it’s time to discuss the reasons why egg surfboards are the best for non-experienced surfers.

Reasons Why Egg Boards Should Choose Egg Surfboards:

Stability Like A Rock:

The thing that I like the most about egg boards is the amazing stability they provide. Usually, beginners are quite bad at balancing themselves on the surfboard, especially on a board that doesn’t have much room to put their feet on.

Since egg surfboards have a wider midsection and rounded nose, they provide solid stability, making it easier to ride the board safely and without falling off.

Wobble-free Zone:

Beginners often wobble on their surfboards. The extra width and volume of an egg surfboard make it easier to ride these waves, reducing teetering and wobbling that occurs when they learn. You don’t have to feel like a newborn foal.


With an egg surfboard, you’re like a cool, understanding friend who gives you a little leeway when you learn something new.

Those forgiving boards let you recover and stay on your feet if you catch an edge or lose your balance. That way, you won’t be discouraged and can keep going.

Bouncing Back:

You’re bound to wipe out and fall, but egg surfboards make it much easier to get back up. They act as a safety net that catches you if you fall and encourages you to try again. It’s like having a friend who believes in you and gives you the confidence to keep going.

Wave-Catching Prowess:

Getting and riding those waves like a pro is one of the best parts of surfing. The Egg surfboard has a secret weapon: it’s great at catching waves! It’s almost like they have a built-in wave-catching superpower that allows them to glide into smaller waves and give you a smooth ride.

Finding Your Sweet Spot:

Egg surfboards have a design that allows beginners to find that elusive “sweet spot” on the wave more easily.

It’s like having a surfboard that knows where to position itself, helping you ride the wave with more control and enjoyment. You’ll be riding those waves like a boss in no time.

Surfing Diversity:

The beauty of egg surfboards is that they are versatile, adaptable, and can handle any wave. Whether facing small waves or a larger swell, these boards are up to the challenge.

Beginners can adapt their skills as they tackle different surf conditions because they’re like their trusted partners.

Exploring Progression:

Everyone dreams of doing amazing tricks on a surfboard, especially beginners, who usually have to move from their beginner-friendly board to an advanced one.

However, if you’re using an egg surfboard, you don’t need to buy a new board to do more advanced tricks, as they’re suitable for all types of tricks and maneuvers. Sounds interesting?

Potential Drawbacks And Limitations

Indeed, egg surfboards are the best for beginners, but there are some drawbacks and limitations that you must know about.

  • Not Optimised for Large Waves: Egg surfboards are optimized for only small waves. Thus, if you try to ride them on large swells, then they might not be a suitable option for you.
  • Slower Manoeuvrability: The wider shape and additional volume of egg surfboards make them slightly slower to maneuver. You may find egg surfboards a bit limiting if you’re looking for quick turns, sharp cutbacks, and fancy tricks.
  • Transition to High Performance: Egg surfboards, while great for beginners, may not offer the same responsiveness and speed as more advanced boards as your surfing skills progress.
  • Potential Difficulty Paddling: Egg surfboards provide stability but can also make paddling difficult due to their wider shape and higher volume. The boards may require more effort to paddle, especially if you’re facing stronger currents or lining up with waves.

Comparison With Other Easy-To-Use Boards:

I’m going to compare egg surfboards to other types to find out whether they’re best for beginners.

Egg Boards VS Funboard For Beginners:

It is important to note that egg boards offer a smooth and confidence-building ride to beginners.

They provide excellent stability and are great at catching small waves. While funboards are more maneuverable and versatile, they may require a bit more experience to fully utilize them.

Egg boards are the ideal choice for beginners looking to build a solid foundation and progress their skills comfortably and steadily.

Egg Boards VS Mini Mal For Beginners:

The stability and wave-catching abilities of egg boards provide beginners with the best platform for building skills and gaining confidence in the water.

Unlike mini mals, egg boards offer more maneuverability and allow beginners to progress at their own pace. Surfers seeking a stable and forgiving option should consider egg boards.

Egg Boards VS Foamie For Beginners:

When it comes to choosing between egg boards and foamies for beginners, both have their merits. However, for beginners, foamies are generally considered the better option.

They prioritize safety, offering a forgiving and comfortable learning experience. Foamies are ideal for building confidence and getting comfortable in the water, making them a great choice for beginners.

Egg VS Fish Boards:

Egg boards are the better option when choosing between egg boards and fish boards for beginners.

They offer stability and a smooth ride, ideal for building confidence in smaller waves. Fish boards, while more manoeuvrable, may be less forgiving for beginners. Stick with an egg board to establish stability and a solid foundation for learning and progression.

Choosing The Best Egg Surfboards For Beginners:

Choosing the right egg surfboard for a beginner is crucial. Make sure you consider the following factors when choosing the right one:

Size And Volume+ Egg Surfboard Size Chart

Surfer Weight (lbs)Surfer Weight (kg)Egg Surfboard Length (feet)Best for?
Up to 120Up to 546’0″ – 6’4″Beginner to Intermediate
120 – 15054 – 686’4″ – 6’8″Beginner to Intermediate
150 – 18068 – 826’8″ – 7’2″Beginner to Intermediate
180 – 21082 – 957’2″ – 7’6″Intermediate
Over 210Over 957’6″ and aboveIntermediate to advanced
Consider the dimensions and volume of the egg surfboard. Opt for a size that matches your body weight and height, providing stability and buoyancy in the water.

Construction Materials

Look for high-quality materials like epoxy or fiberglass that offer durability and lightweight performance, ensuring your egg surfboard lasts and performs well over time.

Shape And Design

Egg surfboards have a rounded nose and a wider midsection for stability, making it easier for beginners to find their balance.

Tail Options

You should consider your surfing style and the type of waves you will be riding to determine the best tail shape for you.

Fin Setups

Choose a fin setup that aligns with your preferences and surfing goals, such as single fins, thrusters, or quad fins.

Skill Level Compatibility

Ensure the egg surfboard is specifically designed for beginners or offers features that cater to their skill level. This ensures a smoother learning curve and enhances your overall surfing experience.

Budget Considerations

Investing in a quality board that suits your needs can enhance your progression and enjoyment in the long run.

Brand Reputation And Customer Reviews

Research different brands and their reputation in the surfing community. Check customer reviews and feedback to get insights into the board’s performance, quality, and customer satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, if you’re a beginner, you should get an egg surfboard, as it has a wider midsection and a lot of volumes.

A surfboard’s tail form impacts how it interacts with the wave face and the water flowing through it.

Final Words:

Are egg surfboards good for beginners? Yes, egg surfboards are good for beginners as they’re wide and have plenty of volumes. That’s it. Feel free to ask more in the comments.

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